Looking for Inexpensive Leads?

Try Our Dollar Leads!

There’s no reason NOT to try out an inexpensive lead option from B Leads! Our  $1 leads are TCPA compliant, allowing you to contact them for up to 90 days. Our goal is to provide each of our customers with an opportunity to connect with people shopping for insurance in real time.

Our dollar leads are an excellent way to increase your lead volume without running through your budget.


The Benefits of Dollar Leads

  • First Come, First Serve – Our $1 Leads aren’t being constantly recirculated. When they’re gone, they’re gone. 
  • Locational Lockout – B Leads ensures the quality of our dollar leads by locking out leads regionally.
  • TCPA Approved – Contact leads for up to 90 days with our TCPA opted-in leads.
  • Real Time Leads – Connect with auto-owners looking for insurance in real time!
  • Affordable CPS – Get leads for less than $100 cost per sale.