About us


Our Mission is to provide the highest quality leads to assist insurance providers around the country in the growth of their business.


Professional Call Center

Our call center is the reason our leads and appointments are second to none. We have highly trained agents who are experts in asking the right questions to qualify the prospect and confirm that yes indeed, they are receptive to what you offer.
For example, we confirm our auto insurance leads are interested in saving money on car insurance. Our life insurance leads have actually thought about providing for their loved ones with life insurance. And so on.
We also work with our clients (that’s you) to understand the type of prospect you require, what conditions you need, and more. We then use our many years of sales and lead generation experience to translate your needs into living, breathing prospects that only you and your people have access to.



Top 100 Allstate Agents in the Country

3 years Inner Circle

4 years Circle of Champions

2nd in the country for Allstate Financial Production Credit 2010


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