We’ve purchased internet leads from a variety of sources during 2016 and I can say that our first week experience using Bleads has been the best of them all. By far.

First off, they worked with us on a test basis to get the emailed leads to auto import to our CRM, which took a few attempts to get the mapping right on our end. Once that was done we had a day of issues where leads didn’t arrive as expected, so we emailed Bleads and got an immediate response. We lost one day, but not a big deal, it was fixed quickly and then the leads came in reliably.

There are several things that make these leads stand out. First, they are scrubbed to TCPA standards which means we can safely phone, email and text them which is awesome. Next, we’ve been able to reach these leads at a contact rate as if they were our own customers. We reached over 50% of the leads within the first 3 call attempts, and there were zero disconnected/bad numbers. This is pretty amazing, our team is loving these leads!

From a quality perspective these leads are terrific, but we got one more thing that was unexpected – Training! Bleads got on the phone with our team and walked through the recommended calling strategy and talkpaths. I’ve never worked with a lead supplier that is actually using the same leads they are selling, but I think that’s the case with Bleads. This kind of training is priceless!!

Aged Internet leads typically have close rates in the 3-8% range and I expect these will be the same, but because these Bleads have such a high contact rate we will spend more time talking with prospects and that’s pretty exciting.

5 stars to Bleads !!!

Rich Siegmund

Tom and his team are super easy to work with a great at what they do. My agents love the leads they receive and I would definitely recommend B Leads to anyone who wants to grow their agency!
Chris Draper

Owner, Allstate Insurance

It’s refreshing to get leads for the agency of prospects that actually want to speak with me!

I’m only in the first month, but so far the quality is exactly what I wanted!

Eric Spring

Owner, Allstate Insurance

Finally exclusive leads. I really appreciate B Leads. They listen to agents and work hard to get quality leads to us!!!
Laura Harris

Owner, Allstate Insurance

Really good leads. We have closed quite a bit of them. I’m a scratch agency and I have purchased leads from many lead vendors over the past three and a half years. These leads are pre screened and our contact rate is really strong. This is a strong positive from the other leading vendors. Tom is a very successful agent and he really knows the business! I definitely recommend B Leads!
Gary Bendik

Agency Owner, Allstate Insurance

Quality exclusive leads at a fair price!  B Leads have been easy to work with, especially when we needed a refund for bad leads. I would recommend them anytime.
Cliff Hart

Agency Owner, Allstate Insurance

Best leads we purchase hands down!! Prospects are ready to talk and easy to quote.
Ryan Murphy

Independent Agency Owner, Genesis Insurance